Paediatric services. Child physiotherapy for kids

Occupational Therapists work with children as well as with their parents, educators and carers to assist them in achieving their potential at home and at school. By identifying and addressing underlying areas of challenge, OT’s can provide therapy, education and support to assist development.

Robyn Sims provides a private practice occupational therapy services to the western suburbs of Brisbane through clinic sessions as well as home and school visits to children from 2 to 18 years. Since graduating from the University of Queensland in 1994 her therapy background has included working with children and families within different clinical and community settings, with a particular focus on learning difficulties, self-regulation, sensory processing challenges, management at school and handwriting skills. Having three children of her own, Robyn understands the importance of working cohesively with the family and educators of children who participate in OT sessions.

OCC Therapy is an affiliate of Q Paediatrics and provides occupational therapy and speech pathology to help children develop the skills they need to better engage, participate and most importantly enjoy life. Q Paediatrics and OCC Therapy are co-located at Red Hill and Mount Gravatt enabling the provision of convenient, collaborative care. To find out more about OCC Therapy follow the link below

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